The Stag, The Tank and The Lark portrays and interprets the forgotten and anonymous landscapes of Danish military shooting grounds. It exposes the paradoxical nature of these landscapes, namely the constant reminder of the balance between the innocence of the picturesque Danish Golden Age and the brutality of warfare. In this space, the heather blooms in the deep caterpillar tracks of Leopard tanks. Here, the soldier’s boot prints mix with animal tracks from badger, otter and red deer. Here, the cannon shells share the air with the sea eagle and the skylark. The Stag, The Tank and The Lark has its rootsin a question I was asked by a soldier during one of my first visits to Oksboel military shooting grounds almost three years ago. He asked me, "I hope you haven't come to photograph those damn red deer? Look, this isn't some cute and twee landscape! Here, we teach people how to kill". As the work progressed,  his question and his answer have become the essence of the work, i.e. discovering the landscape between the Danish Golden age landscape represented by the stag - and the war landscape represented by the tank.

video and sound installation, Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, 2013.

"“The best contribution to the otherwise somewhat feigned theme of the exhibition is Morten Barker’s installation with a night-vision recording of a tank nearing a field with a red stag. The sound of a lark is heard, and small screens placed in the centre of the room show the bombs hitting. Here, the fight of the landscape is fought. Also quite literally as the recordings are from Oksbøl, which as we know, is located in a country at war”. Michal Jeppesen, [] 6 April 2013.

Screenshot of video installation, Art Centre Silkeborg Bad, 2013.