Oksboel HeathOksbøl Heath, View towards the West, 2013.

The Landscape In-Between is the title of a cluster of landscape projects interpreting the forgotten and anonymous landscapes of Danish military shooting grounds. The Landscape In-Between depicts the paradoxical nature of these landscapes, namely the constant reminder of the balance between the innocence of the picturesque Danish Golden Age and the brutality of warfare. In this space, the heather blooms in the deep caterpillar tracks of Leopard tanks. Here, the soldier’s boot prints mix with animal tracks from badger, otter and red deer. Here, the cannon shells share the air with the sea eagle and the woodlark. It is this duality the project illustrates through photography and video installation. The project commenced in 2009, and it includes The Forest, Songs for the Lark and the Cannon, The Stag, The Tank and the Lark, and (W)Under Works.

Red deer and grenadeRed Deer and Shell, 2013

Read Deer HuntDead Hinds with View of Grærup Langsø, 2013.

Leopard Tank and Red Deer TracksTracks from Tank and Red Deer, 2013.

”Every week, one of Kopenhagen Art Institute’s writers recommends three must-sees for the weekend. This week, Niklas Langeland Pedersen recommends Anish Kapoor at ARoS, Morten Barker at Galleri Image and the music film festival at Cinemateket […] The sounds of distant, controlled explosions and birdsong form a unique and hypnotic pact in Morten Barker’s exhibition at Galleri Image. By use of photography and video installation, the exhibition documents a unique, subdued, hazy and mysterious appeal of Denmark's military shooting grounds. These areas are unchartered territory for most of us, placed somewhere in-between the image of the red stag by the forest lake in the romantic landscape paintings of the Danish Golden Age and where Lars Von Trier filmed Antichrist."
Translation of original Danish article by Niklas Langeland Pedersen, Kopenhagen, 3 picks [Kopenhagen.dk] published 8 March 2013.

Galleri ImageThe Landscape In-Between, Galleri Image, 2013.