Fotomuseum Antwerp

23 JUNE - 1 OCTOBER, 2017

Still Point of the Turning World: Between Film and Photography
The photographic image is imbued with stillness. No movement, no sound, no time. But what happens if you add one of these missing elements? The exhibition Between Film and Photography focuses on that rare moment in which a photographer turns towards film or a video artist turns towards photography. What beauty can be found on the borders between ?

The exhibition highlights works that are based on photography’s relation to the appearance of the everyday and the process of that appearance and shows both video-installations and photographic works.

Artists include: Jeff Wall, Mark Lewis, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Raqs Media Collective, David Claerbout, Paul Graham, Guido Guidi, Morten Barker, Ana Torfs, Duane Michals, Eadweard Muybridge, John Stezaker, Dirk Braeckman, Louis Lumiere, Lisa Oppenheim, John Smith and more.

Curators: David Campany & Joachim Naudts


Viborg Kunsthal





Art Herning, MCH Herning Kongrescenter 29. - 31. januar 2016

Sunday 31 januar kl 13.00:  Morten Barker Artist Talk with Ole Bak Jacobsen from

In his photographic practice Morten Barker updates the depictions of the Danish Golden Age landscape . When he ' shoots ' and sampler his pictures from military training grounds a disturbing clash arises between the stag and the tank - between the romantic Danish self-understanding and the paradoxical ' neglected ' or ' repressed ' reality that Denmark acts as a belligerent nation.

Installation view, Art Herning, 2016

Morten Barker Foxhunt Foxhunt, seen from Dead Man's Mountain, Langli, 2016

"Morten Barker’s monumental works recall the romantic tradition of landscape painting although with an almost exaggerated sense of realism. The highly manipulated works are laden with histories and references to both natural and cultural history". Peter Lav Galleri

Currently showing: Hello Walls! The exhibition features works by Julie Boserup, Adam Jeppesen, Emil Salto, Jakob Hunosøe, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Morten Barker. The exhibition runs until 30 January, 2016.

Peter Lav Gallery
Instsallation view from the exhibition Hello Walls at Peter Lav Gallery, 2016