Installation views, "New Vistas, Forgotten Horizons," 2016.


"Once, ice was the ruler, its cold embrace lasted for thousands of years . Crackling and roaring the ice moved across the landscape and shaped hills and valleys and deep, mysterious fjords.

Animals which have long been extinct were witnesses to the melting ice and man conquered the new landscape.

The people settled and cultivated the land. The living died and the dead were laid to rest in burial mounds and the landscape changed again .

But what was once important is now forgotten and a rainbow is no longer the bridge to the gods but light reflected in water drops .

The sun rises and sets and clouds drift across the landscape, creating shadows and rain. And a place beneath the sky the lark is singing. Although we are safest during the day , it is only at night that we can see the stars.

Text by Kristine Barker

Skovby Nygaard
Skovby Nygaard looking to the Northeast. The farm was demolished in the beginning of 2016

Aerial photographs, Skovby Nygaard, 2016.